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Electronic Scrolling Display Using Arduino Board

Author : R.Ranadheer Reddy 1 N Prashanth 2 G Indira 3 M Sharada 4

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The led Display System is aimed at the colleges and universities for displaying day-to-day information continuously or at regular intervals during the working hours. Being GSM-based system, it offers flexibility to display flash news or announcements faster than the programmable system. The keyboard-based display system can also be used at other public places like schools, hospitals, railway stations, gardens etc. without affecting the surrounding environment. The led display system mainly consists of a receiver and a display toolkit which can be programmed from an Arduino IDE platform. It receives the message, through the serial port and displays the desired information after necessary code conversion. It can serve as an electronic notice board and display the important notices instantaneously thus avoiding the latency. Being modular design, the led display is easy to expand and allows the user to add more display units at any time and at any location in the campus depending on the requirement of the institute.

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