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Line Follower Alphabot Using Arduino Micro Controller

Author : M. Srilekha 1 Noureen Fathima 2 G.Anusha 3 D. Shravana Chary 4

Date of Publication :21st February 2018

Abstract: This paper has been designed to build a Line following Robot using IR sensor to follow a designated path which is provided and runs over it. ROBOT has sufficient intelligence to cover the maximum area of space provided. It will move in a particular direction Specified by the user to navigate the robot through a black line marked on the white surface.Autonomous Intelligent Robots perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance. The path can be visible like a black line on the white surface (or vice-versa) or it can be invisible like a magnetic field. Sensing a line and manoeuvrings the robot to stay on course, while constantly correcting wrong moves using feedback mechanism forms a simple yet effective closed loop system.The base of the developed robot is Arduino UNO R3 which is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega328 (datasheet).

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