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Ethernet Based Control of Electrical Appliances with Arduino Uno Interface

Author : M.Karthik Reddy 1 T. Pallavi 2

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: This project is based on the construction of a model simulating a home automation with different operation modes which can be controlled also by Ethernet. To achieve this objective, a scale house that captures different signals, both digital and analog, has been developed. To approach the house to a real web server can be implemented in a device in your own home connected to your pc via a local area network. To capture the signals, the prototype has the temperature, lighting, for the regulation and control. The core is an Arduino Uno board that allows the application operation and receives, from a web server, operating modes commands and, if it is operating manually, orders to individually control the different actuators. For the data transmission from the Arduino to the web server, is used communication via Ethernet

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