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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
IOT Based Remote Monitoring of Weather Parameters For Solar, Wind Applications

Author : Singireddy Mallikarjun 1 Dr. S.Chandra Shekar Reddy 2 G.Nagalaxmi 3 R.Gayathri 4

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: A weather station can be described as an instrument or device, which provides us with the information of the weather in our neighbouring environment. For example, it can provide us with details about the surrounding temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, etc. Hence, this device basically senses the temperature, pressure, humidity, light intensity, rain value. There are various types of sensors present in the prototype, using which all the aforementioned parameters can be measured. It can be used to monitor the temperature or humidity of a particular room/place. With the help of temperature and humidity, we can calculate other data parameters, such as the dew point. Weather monitoring plays an important role in human life, so the collection of information about the temporal dynamics of weather changes is very important. In any industry, during certain hazards, it is very important to monitor the weather.Two sensors are connected to the NodeMCU namely temperature and humidity sensor(DHT11) and light dependent resistor(LDR).

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