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Comparative study of DC-DC converter topologies for fuel cells

Author : Shyam mohan 1 B.Ramakrishna 2 N.Ravi 3

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Converters and fuel cell technologies play an important role in the field of renewable energy. Fuel cells have become one of the main sources of power for portable applications and standalone applications like telecommunications. High-efficiency converter is an essential requirement in fuel cell systems. The selection of an appropriate converter topology is an important part of designing fuel cell systems as the converter plays a major role in determining the overall performance of the system. This paper presents a review of the comparative study of different topologies of DC-DC converters used in fuel cell systems, which include various topology combinations of DC converters and AC inverters and which are primarily used in fuel cell systems for portable or stand-alone applications. This paper also reviews the switching techniques used in power conditioning for fuel cell systems. This paper mainly discusses the current problem faced by DC converters and AC inverter.

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