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Comparative Analysis of BLDC Motor and Induction Motor using MATLAB/Simulink

Author : Astha Meshram 1 Payal Bele 2 Shital Bawane 3 Ashish Lonbale 4 Abhay Halmare 5

Date of Publication :28th March 2018

Abstract: This paper proposes a comparative analysis of the performance of BLDC motor and induction motor. The BLDC motor can act as an alternative for traditional motors like Brushed DC motor, induction motor, switched reluctance motors etc. Due to overweighing merits of the BLDC motor, modeling is done in order to enhance the performance of the system. The torque characteristic of BLDC motor plays a very important factor in the design of BLDC motor drive system, so it is necessary to predict the precise value of torque, which is determined by the waveform of back EMF. After the development of the simple mathematical model of the three-phase BLDC motor with trapezoidal waveforms of back EMF, the motor is simulated in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. Based on the analysis, a comparative study of the result of both the motors is presented in Graphical User Interface of MATLAB environment.

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