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Enhancement of Power System Performance by using SSSC

Author : Chandrashekhar S.Hiwarkar 1 Dr.Prakash G.Burade 2

Date of Publication :29th March 2018

Abstract: Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC) is a voltage sourced converter based series FACTS device that provides capacitive or inductive compensation independent of line current. This paper presents the achievement of the required active and reactive power flow into the line for the purpose of compensation as well as validation of enhancement of the power system performance of a transmission line by connecting the SSSC on appropriate location. The effect of variation of the phase angle of the injected voltage on the power system parameters such as sending end voltage, transmission angle, active power, reactive power, and overall power factor with and without SSSC have also been incorporated. The Performance of power system have been tested on IEEE 14-Bus System

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