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Solar Based Agricultural Pumping Using DC Pump

Author : Pravin Magdum 1 Aditi Jadhav 2 Suraj Hongekar 3 Sabjani Kadam 4 Kiran Lengare 5 Rajiv Patil 6

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: Nowadays, in our country diesel based pump and non-renewable sources are used for agriculture pumping application. Which having certain disadvantages like cost, pollution efficiency to overcome that solar energy is based alternative to agriculture pumping.The main objective of this project is to study literature review of pumping technology.The current state of solar pumping technology, factor affecting of solar pumping and how solar water pumping system works. Solar water pumping system mainly consists of two component. One is a PV Panel and another one is the pump. When solar panel exposed to sunlight DC current is produced. This current is given to DC pump and it pumps the water with getting good efficiency and less maintenance.

Reference :

    1. Solar water pumping system:-K.B Rohit1, Prof.G.M.Karve2, Prof.Khatri3,1,2,3, department of Electrical Engineering, PVG’s COET Pune-09, Maharashtra, India.
    2. Review of solar photovoltaic water pumping system technology for irrigation and community drinking water supplies:-S.S.Chandel, M.Nagaraju Naik, Rahul chandal.
    3. Solar powered water pumping systems:- B.Eker Trakya University, Tektrdag Agriculture Faculty, Agricultural Machinery Department, Tekirdag, Turkey.
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