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Microcontroller Based Smart Calibration Meter

Author : P. D. More 1 Vaibhav Chougule 2 Shubham Powar 3 Vikas Jadhav 4 Suhas Redekar 5 Akshay Patil 6

Date of Publication :22nd February 2018

Abstract: The proposed system is based on the concept of calibration which includes calibration of ac voltmeter, ac ammeter, wattmeter, energy meter. The working of this system can be divided into three sections such as controller section, metering section and the display section. In order to maintain the precision of a device, we need to do the calibration. Thus to minimize the factors that cause the faulty reading is the fundamental aspect of our instrumentation design. So by calibrating the meter after a specific interval of time, we can secure the acceptable range of that instrument. We know that the process of calibration is done only at an industrial level. But in small-scale industries and in the educational level we use un-calibrated devices which causes an inaccurate reading. The most inherent part of our measuring system is that we have to use the different meters to calibrate respective quantities, Because of that the size and cost of meter increases. So in order to overcome these all demerits we have designed a system which helps to calibrate the voltage, current, power and active energy using a standard meter with high precision. And the most important part of our meter is that we can use it at small scale level also to increase the accuracy of the instrument.

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