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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022
Performance of a 3 - Phase Induction Motor against Unbalanced Voltage Operation

Author : Yogesh Patni 1 Nitesh Kumar 2 Vishal Pansare 3

Date of Publication :26th April 2018

Abstract: For a 3- ϕ supply arrangement, voltage imbalance occurs when the amplitude and the phase angle in-phase voltage differs from the normal balanced conditions or both. Unbalanced Voltage Factor has its importance when the study of the effect of imbalance of voltage on the behaviour of 3- phase induction motor. Problems like OV and UV, oscillations, increased losses & disturbance in phase angle are the main problem of unbalance voltage factor. Evaluation of this abnormal conditions in the motor has main importance in the Induction machines. In this paper a actual load test to verification of the effect of the balance voltage and unbalanced voltages on the motor performance, have been investigated, including unbalance voltage factor, the importance of the +ve sequence voltage in the motor’s apparent performance and importance of the –ve sequence voltage in the motors damage are pointed out. This is strongly recommended that the related regulations, derating factor, and temperature rise curves of the motor should be based on voltage Imbalance factor as well as on magnitude of +ve sequence voltage. In this paper the effect of the balance and unbalanced voltages on the motor performance have been verified just like +ve sequence, -ve sequence and rotor and stator current, speed, electromagnetic torque graphs

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