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Instantaneous Buck-Boost converter for Battery Powered Devices

Author : Renita Pinto 1 Avinash N J 2 Kusuma Prabhu 3 Sowmya Bhat 4 Rajesh Nayak 5

Date of Publication :15th May 2018

Abstract: For a low powered handy electronic applications, a highly efficient control method is necessary for getting better transients at the output. Hence an instantaneous Buck-Boost converter with two transitional combined modes of control is introduced. If the voltage at the output tends to fluctuate, the efficiency automatically decreases. Hence to overcome the drawbacks of the previous converters, an instantaneous buck-boost converter with mode selection is proposed. The proposed converter reduces the fluctuation, producing an immediate non-inverting constant output voltage. A constant output voltage is obtained by applying different sets of voltages at the input. The converter is designed to work in three different modes depending on whether the input voltage increases, decreases or becomes equal to the output voltage, the converter will work as the buck, boost or buck-boost, in three different modes. Thus as the input varies the mode of operation also changes.

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