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Call For Paper : Vol 10, Issue 5, May 2023
Solar PV based BLDC Motor Driven Water Pumping System using Zeta Converter

Author : Deepak Saw 1 Samar Anand 2 Kartick Chandra Jana 3

Date of Publication :22nd May 2018

Abstract: This paper proposes an efficient and cost-effective Brushless dc motor fed water pumping system for solar photovoltaic (PV) array. A zeta converter is utilized to draw the maximum power available from the Solar PV array. BLDC motor does not require any additional circuitry for speed control. Variable dc link voltage of voltage source inverter (VSI) is utilized to control the speed. The proposed technique comply fundamental switching frequency of VSI, results in the reduction of power loss due to high switching frequency. A suitable control of zeta converter through INC-MPPT (incremental conductance maximum power point tracking) algorithm provides smooth starting of the BLDC motor. The water pumping system is developed and demonstrated through simulation using MATLAB/Simulink.

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