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Inspecting the Results of Renewable Energy Source of Solar Botanic Trees Using Nano Piezo Electric Elements

Author : Prakruthi B 1 Chandana N 2 Monika Porla 3 Sushmitha B 4 Gunasekari 5

Date of Publication :19th February 2019

Abstract: The world is suffering under the severe shortage of reliable and efficient energy resources. The environmental friendly energy resources used to generate electricity so far. Thus, as a result we are seeing greenhouse effect and global warming and there is an immediate call to change over to a environmental-friendly energy resource i.e., ‘the Renewable Sources. It eliminates the problems faced by a ancient solar panels. In case of Solar Botanic Trees, if the wind force is high , then the more Nano-leaves are moved. Nano piezo-electric elements associated in the petiole twigs and branchesare the tiny Nano piezo-electric elements that will generate Pico watts of energy as these thousands of Nano leaves flap back and forth due to wind. The stronger the wind force, the higher the "overlap" frequency, and therefore the larger the watts of energy generated in the petiole, twigs and branches. The mechanical vibrations in these mini generators produce electricity from movement of botanic tree leaves or kinetic energy caused by wind or falling raindrops.

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