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Supercapacitors: The Future Batteries

Author : Eshwar.C 1 Ravindra Reddy .P 2 Manasa.V.T 3 Tasmiya Tabbusum 4 Madhava Rao.J 5

Date of Publication :18th January 2019

Abstract: Supercapacitors or Ultracapacitors are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives for the conventional and traditional battery sources. This brief overview focuses on the different types of super capacitors, the relevant quantitative modeling areas and the future of supercapacitors research and development. Supercapacitors may emerge as the solution for many application-specific power systems. Especially, there has been great interest in developing supercapacitors for electric vehicle hybrid power systems, pulses power applications, as well as backup and emergency power supplies, because of their flexibility, however, supercapacitors can be adapted to serve in roles for which electrochemical that make them ideally suited to specialized roles and applications that complement the strengths of batteries. In particular, supercapacitors have great potential for applications that require a combinations of high power, short charging time, high cycling stability and long shelf life. Hence supercapacitors are the future batteries of life-long batteries that can be charge up almost anything and everything within seconds.

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