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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022
A Novel Method for Islanding Detection of Microgrid Using Negative Sequence Components

Author : R. Gowrisankara Rao 1 P Pavan kumar 2 S M K patnaik 3 Ch. Satyanarayana 4

Date of Publication :23rd January 2020

Abstract: In recent years, incorporation of micro grids in electrical networks has been increasing rapidly due to low cost green energy, reduce peak loads and protect the grid under disturbance. It can be operated either in autonomous mode or grid connected mode to provide reliable power to consumers. A micro grid integrates with Distributed Generators (DG) by small scale generation units and loads.bThe penetration of DG units has more prominent in micro grid. Even though, the presence of DGs has several advantages but they are encountered with safety issues. Islanding is an important issue out of them. It is the condition where DG units continue to power to loads even when grid power is no longer present. This is serious issue to utility grid personnel if the unintentional islanding occurred. This has to be detected for safe and reliable operation of micro grid. In this paper, evaluating the analysis of proposed passive islanding detection technique using MATLAB/ SIMULINK.

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