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Smart IOT Automation for Advanced Home Security

Author : Guruprasad P. Sali 1 Mohini J. Deshmukh 2 Mrunalini S. Wankhede 3 Bipasa B. Patra 4

Date of Publication :9th April 2020

Abstract: Internet of Things” is fast and becoming a emerging technology business opportunity, with standards emerging primarily for wireless communication between devices and gadgets in day to day human life, in general referred to as Things. This paper aims at controlling home appliances and building a sensible wireless home security system using Wi-Fi as communication protocol. The Home Automation are often implemented using differing types of wireless communication techniques like ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, etc. These existing methods have drawbacks as they work in short range. To overcome these drawbacks, we are getting to implement this project “IOT based Smart security and Smart Home Automation”. The project focuses on controlling lights and fans referred as Home Automation and providing Smart security by sending a captured image through an E-mail to the owner using internet when an object is detected. By using “Node MCU” Module we are getting to implement this project. This will be more helpful for handicapped and aged people.

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