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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Comparative Assessment for Speed Control of D.C Motor Using Buck Converter

Author : Rajneesh Dubey 1 Kirti Pal 2

Date of Publication :8th December 2020

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to manipulate the separately excited DC motor via the usage of the strength electronic IGBT (Insulate Gate Bipolar Transistor). The speed of separately excited DC motor may be manipulated by using varying the armature terminal voltage. In this way the speed may be controlled for above rated speed and under the rated speed respectively. In this model, the speed of motor up to and below the rated speed may be achieved via changing the armature voltage. The voltage of armature terminal may be precise by using IGBT or MOSFET established chopper. The IGBT chopper get the signal from controller and adjustable voltage is given to the armature of dc motor according to the specified speed. The main benefits to apply this method is that the speed varies proportionally with armature terminal voltage and varies inversely with subject terminal voltage with the help of maintaining the voltage of discipline and armature steady respectively. The PI controller is finding for isolation of delay and presents very fast manage. The version of one after the other excited DC motor is designed and the general format of DC force mechanism is obtained. By the assessment of triangular carrier signal with reference signal we get the PWM pulse for chopper switch. The simulation version is designed within the MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation output parameters of simulation model of DC motor such as; armature current, armature voltage, torque, speed, field current is analyzed.

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