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Application of Oppositional Krill Herd Algorithm for Solving the Economic Load dispatch Problem

Author : Rahul Gupta 1 Aparna N. Mahajan 2 Anshu Mli Gaur 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2020

Abstract: The focal center of this paper is to resolve the problem of cost optimization in electricity market with application of oppositional based learning (OBL) method with computational method called Krill Herd Algorithm (KHA). The combination of both techniques leads to development of new algorithm called Oppositional Krill Herd Algorithm (OKHA) that enhances the characteristics of existing algorithm. The new algorithm is based on searching behavior of krill herd for food with oppositional based learning characteristics which helps to solve the economic load dispatch (ELD) problem with fast and accurate computations. In this paper, proposed technique is being applied on 10-unit system and outputs obtained by OKHA method are being compared with KHA. By evaluation of results, the proposed algorithm is competent to reach the optimal cost value of power system along with generation of improved convergence cost curves.

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