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Secured Non Cluster Whale Swarm Optimization for WSN

Author : Syed Mohd Ali 1 Syed Abdul Sattar 2 D. Srinivasa Rao 3

Date of Publication :30th September 2020

Abstract: The developments of the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) have made it popular in a large number of applications. In the WSN setting, however, security is a key challenge as the cluster of sensor nodes in the network faces several problems with the information that makes it difficult to estimate the distance through BS to other node numbers by using distance rate, and it becomes difficult to determine the neighbor list. For such a limited range, most sensor networks will just have to send the data to only the corresponding CH and NCH, the network faces several problems that can lead to security breaches. We suggested a protected whale swarm optimization model (S-WSA) based on two trust factors to solve this problem; the first is a network model that provides routing hops, and the next is a security model that provides a routing protocol multi-objective. Therefore, simulation is achieved by considering two confidence metrics, making our model a stable model.

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