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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022
Fault Detection of Any PCB Using Image Matching Algorithm

Author : Ananad Kakade 1 Pratiksha Kambale 2

Date of Publication :20th November 2020

Abstract: This system is designed for the detection of incorrect electronic components on the printed circuit board (PCB). The aim of this system is to manufacture the electronic devices quickly without any faults in the printed circuit board. The mounting the electronics component on the PCB is a very critical work which makes many mistakes like an open circuit, short circuit, circuit breaks this type of problems are overcome by using this system. This system can identify the incorrect position of electronics components on the circuit board by using image matching algorithm. This system able to identify only having reliable text on the components, if their no text present on the component, then this system does not work. For edge detection purpose Canny Edge Detection Using PCA algorithm is used. Different types of factors like the angle of PCB, Ununiformed light condition, the distance between the PCB and the camera etc. are very important during processing an image. Various factors are considered during processing an image like tilting angle of PCB, position of camera, light condition, and the fix distance between camera and the PCB. In this system every time reference PCB is compared with test PCB if the position of components in PCB is incorrect, then it will show by the only red circle in MATLAB.

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