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Influence of Hybrid Nanoparticles and Performance Characteristics of Three Different Combination of Diesel Blends on Single-Cylinder Ci Engine

Author : M. Velliangiri 1 M. Karthikeyan 2 G.Sureshkannan 3

Date of Publication :12th June 2018

Abstract: In-Cylinder pressure, heat release rate concerning CA, ignition delay and in-cylinder peak pressure compared with 500 cycles of D100, CEO125COB175, CEO150COB150 and CEO175COB125, and comparison of its performance and emission characteristics for various loads and its results are discussed. This research addresses the experimental results, comparison with various load conditions with three different nanoparticle combinations, namely Cobalt Oxide (COB) + Cerium Oxide (CEO) combinations, such as CEO1250COB175, CEO150COB150 and CEO175COB125, and discusses their performance parameters like BTE, SFC and its emission parameters such as CO, HC, NOx and PM compared with variable loads. The importance of standard deviation and covariance of the 500 cycles of CEO1250COB175, CEO150COB150 and CEO175COB125, and this chapter also focused. Importance of Performance and emission characteristics of a variable load diesel fuel engine and contrasted to different compression ratios discussed in this paper.

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