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Self-Stablizizng Spoon for Parkinson’s Patient & Old Aged People and Overall Tremor Detector for Recovery Monitoring

Author : Rudransh Pandey 1 Simran Nair 2 Diksha Raghunathan 3 Samadrita Bhattacharjee 4

Date of Publication :25th March 2021

Abstract: Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, tremor due to age creates serious hindrance in performing daily activities like eating, holding, and any task related to grip. There are many devices in the market, which assist persons suffering from tremors by using various techniques. But all the devices are either very complex or very costly. Our aim is to do an extensive study of all possible devices helping patients suffering from tremors, in daily activities like eating, holding transporting mainly and design a low-cost assistive device that will help the patients to eat without any external help. Furthermore, we also propose some technology to extend the project to other activities like reading, buttoning shirts, holding a bowl, and other utensils. Hence, we are planning to design cost friendly and compatible device for the patients.

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