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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Prediction of Suitable Ignition Timing and Compression Ratio of Dmf Direct Injection Turbocharged Multi-Cylinder Si Engine with EGR

Author : M.Velliamgiri 1 G. Sureshkannan 2 M. Karthikeyan 3 K. Karthik 4

Date of Publication :20th May 2019

Abstract: This research article focused on optimising and selected suitable compression ratio, ignition timing and stimulation, experimental study and performance parameters, exhaust gas recirculation, and a heat release rate for a multi-cylinder turbocharge direct injection spark ignition (SI) engine. Simulation results, methodology, combustion models, sub-models were used to find optimised performance parameters for better combustion. Optimum parameters were identified by conducting a test with constant compression ratio (14.4:1) and constant speed mode (2500 rpm) and variable speed mode by varying Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) ratio between 0 to 15%, and emission characteristics were found. Optimised EGR ratio among the variations and predicted suitable ignition timing and duration for DMF of injection timing of SI engine were selected from simulation results. Variation of In- cylinder pressure, heat release rate with Crank angle and Specific Fuel Consumption, Ignition Delay, along with NOx and Particulate Matter emission results were obtained from the simulation and experimental results.

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