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Novel Topology of Multilevel Inverter with Less Harmonic Content Applied for Renewable Energy

Author : Henry Widodo 1 Budi Sudiarto 2

Date of Publication :31st July 2021

Abstract: Multilevel inverter research has been carried out with 7 levels. The development of renewable energy that is increasingly widespread, such as the use of photovoltaic in distribution generation which requires inverter with more efficient. Multilevel inverter H-Bridge is an inverter that is commonly used with the aim of reducing the content of Total Harmonic Distortion that affects the voltage and current waveform in the load. Achieving a 7-level system needs a series arrangement of three H-Bridge cells. This is a consideration for developing a new design by considering that the H-Bridge series arrangement is a bulky system and uses many switches and resulting in a large switch loss. This paper proposes a new design called the T-H inverter topology which is a combination of the H-Bridge and T-type inverters. The advantage of the T-H inverter is that for one cell it is able to produce 7 voltage levels and the number of switches used is less than the bulky H-Bridge. The T-H inverter topology is built with a Phase Shift Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation control scheme. The switching frequency used is 5 kHz. The simulation is built with simulink Matlab 2018a. The simulation results show that current THD content of the three H-Bridge cells and the T-H inverter are 2.33% and 2.31%, respectively, at a fundamental frequency of 50 Hz.

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