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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Detection of Synchronization Failure by Using Frequency and Voltage and Using IOT

Author : Kaustubh Kshirsagar 1 Nikita Rade 2 Pooja Harsule 3 Yuvraj Borade 4 Prof. S. A. Upasani 5

Date of Publication :5th August 2021

Abstract: This paper gives the concept of IOT based automatic synchronization of alternators to grid. In ‘modern power system’ power from the generating station is delivered to the consumers through a large network of transmission and distribution. There are several power generation units which supply power to the load. For satisfactory operation of load, consumers need constant voltage and frequency. To watch voltage and frequency a unit is developed. The essential idea is to implement the employment of up- to-date technology in sensing the very low variations in frequency or voltage magnitude of generators in grid. Consisting of terms “Frequency, Voltage, Phase Sequence and Phase Difference.” In today’s practical world the ability Grid works to take care of stability and proper ‘Synchronism’, the detection and isolation of sources breach of synchronism, is of crucial significance as otherwise it'd have caused the whole system to fail.

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