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IoT Based Home Automation System

Author : Gawate Nikhil Sushilrao 1 Jadhav Prathamesh Vyankat 2 Kharate Romit Rajesh 3 Yadav Satyaprakash Gajendranath 4 Dr.V.N Gohokar 5

Date of Publication :5th August 2021

Abstract: Home Automation system is one of the important needs of today’s era. It consists of a smart lighting system, load Diversity system and, safety features. This is microcontroller- based technology used for two-way communication in safety features, sensor feedback in a smart lighting system. This home automation system is crucial as the consumption of electrical energy will reduce. This is IOT based project consist of sensors, timer circuits, and other electrical equipment. The circuitry is controllable utilizing inputs given by the sensors and the expected output action is taken by using microcontroller NodeMCU. This NodeMCU is a multitasking microcontroller use to perform various tasks. As it is IOT based we can operate it through mobile and other communication devices this is the main advantage of the system. For that purpose, we are using cloud service provided by Ubidots. The demand for automation in all the field is increasing day by day and home automation has a huge scope in the future.

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