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Call For Paper : Vol 10, Issue 5, May 2023
Vibration Monitoring of Rotating Machine Using Arduino

Author : Pranav Chinke 1 Pooja Korade 2 Ashwini Mane 3 Ashwini Swami 4 P. D. Deshmukh 5

Date of Publication :5th August 2021

Abstract: In today's fast competitive business world manufactures are seeking every competitive advantage they mainly focus on increasing production and minimize cost while maintaining product quality. The identification of defect within machine, reducing failures and unscheduled down time is increasingly demanded of condition monitoring technologies. The purpose of the project is to reduce unscheduled down time to increasing productivity for this we are doing vibration analysis of the rotating machine. Here we are using accelerometer sensor for sensing vibration, collect data from mounting sensor stored in microcontroller. Arduino board consisting ATMega328p microcontroller sent signal to third party (pc, laptop) for further analysis. This module can be easily deployed for different rotating machine in industry

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