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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 5 2022
Solar Protective E-Jacket

Author : Hrishikesh Deogude 1 Prof. Akshay Suryawanshi 2 Akash Chandkhede 3 Manthan Gadekar 4

Date of Publication :5th August 2021

Abstract: The climatic condition is changing with era to era and are very unusual and unpredictable. Due to metabolic heat generation of our body, we are very uncomfortable in extreme conditions, especially when we have to work in difficult conditions which may led to unfortunate deaths. Some technological solution made to keep people thermally comfortable such as air conditioning unit, are most successful in helping people in their home & in cars etc. but not in mobility situation. If one wants to move in such type of climatic condition, climate adaptable jacket is a very beneficial product. This technology uses Atmega microcontroller which can naturally keep up the specific temperature inside the jacket using temperature sensor, so as to cope-up with normal body temperature i.e. (37C or 98F); it initiates the fan that is placed inside the jacket. The design of this jacket gives better protection to soldier, navy and people who are working in extreme conditions. This jacket allows the user to control and monitor the internal temperature of the jacket from high to low temperature and vice-versa, with the use of the Thermoelectric Plates and display its result. The additional features are user’s health and positioning monitoring using IoT Module and Wi-Fi Module.

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