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IoT Based Distribution System Protection Scheme

Author : Awaskar Sanket Pramod 1 Kore Shubham Rajabhau 2 Gandule Rohit Rajaram 3 Kulkarni Rugved Pradeep 4 Prof.B.B.Bhure 5

Date of Publication :5th August 2021

Abstract: Today’s scenario many of the power system accident are caused because of the improper design and excessive load on the system. The project protects load to switch from surges it also protects from quick changeover. This is an inexpensive auto cut-off system, which is fabricated using relay and other discrete components. Overvoltage and under voltage are quality problems, they happen due to many reasons. The effect of overvoltage and under voltage are severe, the overvoltage can cause failure of insulation and under voltage can cause burning of motor coil. To solve problem the tripping mechanism is designed so that load is disconnected if it is subjected to overvoltage, under voltage or imbalance operation in case of three phase equipments. The design is first simulated on a virtual environment by use of simulation program and then next step is design of hardware according to simulated circuit. Two designs are made single phase and three phases, only the single phase is designed as hardware. The circuit responses are effective for voltage variation then let it be overvoltage or under voltage in case of single phase circuit and it also responds effectively for phase failure. The circuit can be stand alone circuit between supply mains and load. The overvoltage and under voltage cutoff also provides various protection1) Transients. 2) Under voltage. 3) Overvoltage. There are various types of security provided by the system: Assured for overvoltage/under voltage, insurance against homeless people and so on. For this project we have also integrated IOT based system so that it give real time data and alert regarding any fault. The project also gives a focus on password based circuit breaker. As also keypad is provided for project so that password can be entered. Fatal electrical accidents are happening and it is subject of prime concern it is due to lack of communication between line men who is to repair fault and maintenance staff at substation. So a solution is provided and it ensures safety as well. So by this ON/Off control of the line remain in hands of line man. The arrangement is made such i.e. password is entered to operate CB (ON/OFF). So by doing this lineman is able to turn off supply for time being and able to repair fault comfortably and after repair is complete he has to enter password and so line will be turned on

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