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Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 1 2022
Extension of Travelling Range by Powering Electric Vehicle with Wind Energy

Author : Rashmi Deshpande 1 Varad Pande 2

Date of Publication :10th August 2021

Abstract: One of the limitations of the electric vehicles is their short travel range compared to their excessive charging time. The travel range can be extended by charging the battery while in motion. This paper presents a design to charge the Electric Vehicle (EV) while running using renewable energy source. The proposed EV design utilizes wind energy to charge battery while the vehicle is being driven. An electric powered vehicle has a bank of batteries that runs the entire vehicle. This paper is on charging the batteries of the vehicle on the run. This is done by using the wind that acts opposite of a moving car. This process can go on till the vehicle is completely charged or the driver finds a charging station. This paper mainly focuses on the design of the wind powered car and to determine the power required for driving the system.

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