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RFID Based Attendance & Monitoring System

Author : Amit Dubey 1 Anjali Dubey 2 Abhimanyu Kumar Singh 3 BasantaMahato 4 Priyanshu Singh 5

Date of Publication :14th September 2021

Abstract: Most of the academic or any otherinstitutions that keep in check of the attendance of their students/employees respectively are troubled with the method of maintaining manual attendance of their students/employees. The manual process of signing on a paper is time consuming and lacks security. An efficient attendance and monitoring system is needed at such places. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance system provides us with a solution that will help to reduce the wastage of time during manual collection of attendance and also the monitoring system helps to determine the location of students or faculties. This research paper narrates the design of an RFID based attendance monitoring system which uniquely identifies each employee/student based on the RFID tag which is put togetherwith their ID card. This makes the method of recording the attendance effortless, quicker and secure as compared to conventional methods. This system is designed in such a way that it can be used at different educational institutions, corporate offices, government offices etc. The proposed system consists of both hardware and software components based on IOT technology. The hardware components used in this project consists of RC522 RFID card reader and RFID tags. The software component consists of the Web-based GUI for viewing the student’s/employee’s attendance and their location, which is hosted on a web server and which stores the data in a database server. The students/employees are needed to place their RFID card on the reader and their attendance will be recorded. Using this system it is also possible to determine the locations of students/employees in the campus

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