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5 DOF Robotic Arm

Author : Neeraj Kumar 1 Dr. Abhishek Sharma 2 Tanuraj Tomar 3 Raja Hassan 4

Date of Publication :16th September 2021

Abstract: Nowadays, under the progress of science and technology, the biggest difference between a robotic arm and a human arm lies in flexibility and strength. That is, the biggest advantage of the robotic arm is that normally it can repeat the same motion without feeling tired.This paper presents the design and development of a 5-Degree of Freedom (DOF) robotic arm, where the position of the joints are controlled by the user. A gui interface is designed for controlling the robotic arm through sending the ascii signals over the wired serial communication and additionally an android application is also developed to control the robotic arm over a wireless link using a bluetooth module. The Arduino UNO R3 board is the main heart of this project which interfaces with the Graphical User Interface and servo motors.

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