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Stable Reduced Order Models for Index-3 Second Order Systems

Author : Mubashir Rehan 1 Shafiq Haider 2 Aamina Bintul Huda 3 Hussain Hadi 4 Muhammad Saqlain 5

Date of Publication :21st October 2021

Abstract: non-existing technique for stability preservation in reduced order models (ROMs) for index-3 second order systems (SOSs) in limited interval frequency is proposed in this paper. This achievement is based on making indefinite terms in algebraic Lyapunov equations definite for frequency limited reduction applications like filter design, signal reconstruction, controller design etc. Index-3 model is first transformed into index-0 generalized form and limited interval Gramians are computed from respective Lyapunov equations. Indefinite terms in Lyapunov equations have been made definite by assigning nearest positive eigenvalues. Obtained Gramians are balanced to achieve Hankel singular values on whom basis, stable ROMs is obtained by applying truncation. The proposed technique is widely useful for finite frequency interval applications of index-3 SOSs

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