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Solar based multi functional Agricultural Robot using Arduino

Author : Fathima Faheema 1 Ajesh 2

Date of Publication :31st January 2022

Abstract: Horticulture robotics has thrown a consistent boost with the innovative automation into an entire substructure, for example, farming, pursuing crops, rover service, cultivating, workshop. By considering the importance of robots, yielding of professional’s are being done in order to elaborate the robot applications. Flying robot, lettuce bot, robot milker, versatile robots are some of the sincere dedication done by the researchers towards the agriculture and even for mankind. Horticulture robot consists of an instrument called as an end effector at the end finish of a mechanical arm which is used for various farming and agriculturing activities. Robots are used as an alternative to the human activities in the various field including agriculture such as driverless tractor, sprayer, seed sowers, sheep shearing etc. The alternative utilization of robots can be done in the symbolization of greenery for example showering, checking, weeding, pruning etc. Here the main purpose of our tender Setup is to assist rancher in furrowing, reaping, soil dampness checking etc. This assessment expected to investigate an establishment using a keen framework which utilizes an inserted framework with solar panel and smart phone for horticulture and basic reasoning using an Arduino mega. The disclosures of this examination found that the structure could screen enveloping soil conditions relying upon that watering will be finished. The casing work was seen to be pleasant for ranchers to use and they can feasibly control the bot realizing cost decline, asset saving and productive organization in horticulture.

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