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Doctor On-Board

Author : Shaik Khaja Ahmed 1 S Gayathri Devi 2 A Sudarsan 3 S Gangadhar Reddy 4

Date of Publication :19th July 2022

Abstract: Healthcare is an important aspect of human life. In developing and backward countries, the quality of healthcare is very poor. It has been instructed by WHO & Governments to get vaccinated to be safe from the attack of COVID-19. But due to lack of resources and manpower of doctors & nurses, the process of vaccination is taking a very long time to reach the mark globally. This project solves the above said problem by making it easy for everyone to get vaccinated irrespective of the shortage in manpower. The name “DOCTOR ON-BOARD” has been generated for this project because it contains the whole setup of vaccination on a table. By utilizing the components like motors, sensors and actuators it is possible to create a robotic arm. In turn, sensors will detect the position of the human arm and the robotic arm injects the medicine without any interference of doctors. This reduces the workload of humans which results in the increase the productivity of Mankind.

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