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A Review on Robotic Prosthetics for Restoring Mobility and Functionality of the Human Being

Author : Gaurang kulkarni 1 Ashwinkumar Mahindrakar 2

Date of Publication :6th December 2022

Abstract: The human body is a motor system with various bodily organs that function as motor units. The brain is the core control unit that links and controls all of the human components. In such cases, a person's loss of limb can be an extremely painful event. Prosthetic devices can restore some, if not all, of the wearer's movement and capability. These can include everything from oral prosthesis to limb prosthetics. Limbs are frequently amputated due to trauma, sickness, or a congenital defect. Amputations are becoming more common as a result of increased industrialization and a lack of understanding about safety criteria. The development of safer, simpler, and more automated prosthetic arms for controlling upper limbs is anticipated. In this paper the review on different types of prosthetics arm has been studied.

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