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Mitigation of Instability Issues Developed by CPL on DC Microgrid

Author : Sunil Kumar 1 Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Subudhi 2 Anurag Parmar. 3

Date of Publication :18th May 2023

Abstract: Conventional power energy sources have been slowly replaced with the renewable energy sources and DC microgrid has become one of the most efficient ways of implementing them. As the amount of power electronic switches have creeped into the system, the use of Constant Power Load has solved the problem of regulated switching. However, the use of CPL in the suggested arrangement has a negative impact on the stability of the system. So, it is necessary to deal with the system instability by applying techniques that enhances the widespread use of CPLs in the microgrid. The paper deals with the microgrid topology comprising of DC voltage source, PV source and a fuel cell source as well. These arrangements are coupled through a LRC model under Amplitude death stabilization technique to critically analyze the undying oscillating waveforms and reach a stable system. Various other damping methods have been considered in the proposed system in order to couple the three different source-converter topologies to achieve a constant bus voltage, constant power output from the CPL and work in a synchronized way between the circuits to achieve stable voltage and power waveform. RC parallel, RL parallel and RL series is implemented for compensation.

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