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Author : Mayur Hulke 1 2

Date of Publication :7th March 2015

Abstract: Nanotechnology ,when we talk about nanotechnology the first thing which came into our mind is the size and we imagine whole new different world on a Nano scale .and its really fascinating because nanotechnology is not just a technology it’s a revolution because it’s not just a technology which can be applied to specific area of research or specific field .it has the power to maximize all limitations which we are facing now a days in industrial ,medical ,manufacturing , electronics, and so many different fields .we are living in a digital world so as we are looking into future more and more the daily instruments goods which we use in our day to life are getting compact in size and much more comfortable to use light in weight and the quality of that product is getting better day by day. nanotechnology actually deals with materials on Nano scale its being used since last hundreds of years accidentally in the field of manufacturing. in 1980’s Drexler he is the man who actually thought that and really talked about the little robots on Nano scale which can actually position atoms in precise places we can call it molecular assemblers he is the futuristic person. But now a days also most academics and researchers especially who belong to chemistry, physics and manufacturing field they all are pushing down there limits to nanometer scale. But like every technology this also has challenging factors which manufacturing researchers are facing that fabrication on the Nano scale is very much difficult to achieve because we had developed fabrication units up to micro scale .apart from this scientist have developed so many other important products ,medicines with the help of nanotechnology

Reference :

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