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Energy Auditing of Campus: A Case Study

Author : Kurian Joseph 1 Linda Wilfred 2 Ribin Raj 3 Sruthisree O Menon 4

Date of Publication :7th July 2015

Abstract: This paper is an overview of a energy conservation measures that can be recommended for a college campus. Energy audit is to identify and minimize the wastage of energy and to optimize its use. It is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flow for energy conservation in an institute, to optimize the use of energy input in the system. Energy auditing has been conducted at college to estimate the daily, monthly and annual energy consumption. This paper presents such energy saving methods in a methodological approach, experienced during a detailed energy audit of a college campus in Kerala. The energy consumption and savings assessed in term of equipments used and functional areas occupied. The main aim of this paper is to offer a documentary evidence for this high potential of energy saving in campus.

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