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Intelligence Vertical Farming with Automation

Author : Mayur Hulke 1 2

Date of Publication :7th September 2015

Abstract: the intelligence vertical farming is a idea inspired by looking after the present condition of agriculture and the quality of food we are feeding to human beings and the effect of it on their health .the food of the future is nowhere to go but up .and because of that demanding growth we need to find out different ways to increase the production without affecting the quality but as we are taken only one point into consideration that is quantity and left the quality behind and because of that so many health problems have been occurred and it got so worst that last year 550,000 people got blind because of deficiency of vitamin A .toxins levels of food are increased so much that we are eating slow poison in terms of food which is killing human body slowely and eventually end up with disaster so here is the new concept working on globally by different institutions and implemented over many cities to improve the food quality and productivity with quantity also named as “VERTICAL FARMING”

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