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Smart Home Energy Management System Using DSM Incorporating Load Forecasting

Author : Chithra. A. S 1 Aju. S. Nair 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2015

Abstract: This paper aims at developing a Smart Home Energy Management System using Demand Side Management (DSM) incorporating load forecasting. Here energy management is achieved by the DSM techniques such as peak clipping and load shifting. Peak clipping is achieved by a microcontroller based circuit that uses zigbee for data transfer and load shifting is attained manually through a control panel with a keyboard and a display. The choice of which DSM technique is to be used could be selected by the consumer. Moreover, the load cutting is made either on priority basis or on consumption basis. Thus the system is made simple and user friendly and it is capable of providing proper energy management without cutting down the occupant comfort. The reliability of the system is improved by incorporating the short term load forecasting system. Efforts are also made in this paper to develop a cost effective system. Keywords - Energy management system, Zigbee, Matlab, Proteus, Demand side management, load forecasting, fuzzy logic, Smart Home Energy Management System.

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