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Differential Evaluation based Power flow control by using TCSC and split TCSC

Author : M.Manohar 1 J.Sreenivasulu 2

Date of Publication :7th November 2015

Abstract: The power system gets more stressed due to increasing loads and the need to transfer power over long transmission lines increases. The obvious and most effective measure to increase transmission capability is to build a new transmission line. However, this is a time-consuming solution as well as an expensive one. If voltage limits or voltage stability are the determining factors for the transfer capability, additional sources of reactive power can be installed at critical location in order to smoothen the voltage profile and to increase the power flow of transmission line. In literature, transmission line capacity was increased by using Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) and micro tuning of line reactance by implementing split TCSC in place of single TCSC due to large change in TCSC reactance nearby resonance region. Loss sensitivity method is used for optimal placement of single TCSC and split TCSC. In proposed method, Differential Evaluation (DE) Optimization technique is used for placement of TCSC and split TCSC and its mathematical model was also studied. Power flow and power loss variation using TCSC and split TCSC is examined. The IEEE-14 bus system is used as a case study in MATLAB programming software.

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