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Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Fixed Beam Cantilever Using Eigen Frequency

Author : B Jyoti 1 Girija.M.Nimbal 2 S.V.Halse 3

Date of Publication :7th January 2016

Abstract: The modeling is performed by using the finite element analysis software, COMSOL Multiphysics, Structural Mechanics modules, version 4.3. The purpose of the study of static analysis is to find the magnitudes and locations of the maximum strain, stress, and electrical potential on the cantilever beam when an external static load is applied to the beams free end. The eigen frequency analysis is then performed to find the first six modes of frequencies and the deformation pattern of the beam. The time-dependent analysis is used to solve for the transient solution when the applied external load is time dependent and has a frequency that is close to the beams 1st natural frequency. Such a dynamic load should cause the beam to have maximum strain, stress, and electrical potential than a dynamic load with a frequency further away from the beams natural frequency. In this paper analysis modeling and simulation of natural frequency of a fixed end beam made of silicon, with a geometry and dimensions of beam having width 40x10-6 m, depth (thickness) 6x10-6 m, length 600x10-6 m. and subjected to a longitudinal stress at 187MPa.

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