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Wireless Sensor Network for Healthcare Application

Author : Praveen Gothe 1 Vijaylaksmhi Holechi 2 ShreeRaksha Chalawadi 3 Ajay Kalkamkar 4

Date of Publication :7th January 2016

Abstract: In healthcare, there is a strong need to collect physiological data and sensor networking; this paper reviews recent studies and points to the needfor future research.Driven by the confluence between the need tocollect data about people’s physical, physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral processes in spaces ranging from personal to urban and the recent availability of the technologies that enable this data collection, wireless sensor networks for healthcare have emerged in the recent years. In this review, we present some representative applications in the healthcare domain and describe the challenges they introduce to wireless sensor networks due to the required level of trustworthiness and the need to ensure the privacy and security of medical data. These challenges are exacerbated by the resource scarcity that is inherent with wireless sensor network platforms. We outline prototype systems spanning application domains from physiological and activity monitoring to large-scale physiological and behavioral studies and emphasize ongoing research challenges

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