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Simulation And Analysis Of Smart Solar Tunnel Dryer

Author : Prof. BindhuPrakash 1 Renjith G 2 Rajesh A V 3 Midhun T S 4 Nahas H 5 FathimaNavas 6 ReshmaRajendran 7 Vinitha V A 8

Date of Publication :7th February 2016

Abstract: The PV model of the solar cell is designed and developed using Matlab/Simulink. Simplified analytic formulae are derived that describes the four-parameter model. The characteristics of the PV model are obtained by simulation, which is useful for analysis and MPPT algorithmic simulations. This simulation consists of PV module comprising of cells in series and parallel alignment array of cells that are apt for testing on the MPPT based algorithms. This is applied for PV characteristics and MPPT tracking of applications using solar cells. Additional converter circuit is implemented for working of mechanical and electrical devices implemented within the main set-up. A boost converter used for this purpose. Additionally a field controlled dc motor is used for speed controlling.

Reference :

    1. SonalPanwara, Dr. R.P. Sainib, “Development and Simulation of Solar Photovoltaic model using Matlab/simulink and its parameter extraction”, International Conference on Computing and Control Engineering (ICCCE 2012), 12 & 13 April, 2012
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