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Simulation Of Bridgeless Resonant Pseudo boost PFC Rectifier

Author : Rajesh AV 1 Kannan suresh 2 Renjith G 3 Amina E 4 Arya MG 5 Arya MK 6 Veena M 7

Date of Publication :7th February 2016

Abstract: Proposed Pseudoboost rectifier is used for natural power factor correction due to their advantages of less componen4t count, high power density,less conduction loss and high efficiency. Power supplies with active power factor correction (PFC) techniques are becoming necessary for many types of electronic equipment to meet harmonic regulation and standards.This paper compared with conventional topology because of absence of input diode bridge and the presence of only one diode in the current path, thus improved the thermal management.To achieve an automatic power factor correction close to unity the topology work in resonant mode , which have the additional advantages such as zero- current turn- on in active switches and Zero- current turn-off in the output diodes which reduce complexity of the circuit. MATLAB/SIMULINK is used to obtain the simulation.

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