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Comparitive Study of PV Microinverter

Author : Jijo Balakrishnan 1 Renjith G 2 Kannan S A 3 AbinVinay V U 4 Praveen Prakash 5 Rahul Mohan 6 Anjali A L 7 Varsha Senan 8

Date of Publication :7th February 2016

Abstract: In the present scenario a grid connected PV system plays an important role in the smart grid power control and quality system. A grid connected photovoltaic generation system mainly depends upon the efficiency of DC-AC conversion system. This paper presents a concept of an inverter for grid connected photovoltaic arrays which can synchronies a sinusoidal voltage output with a grid. The microinverter includes SPWM H-bridge inverter and DC-DC converter with controllers. Because of the losses and voltage stress due to active switches and diodes of DC-DC converter will reduce the output voltage gain. A quadrupler is introducing for high output voltage gain for the grid connected PV microinverter. Finally in this paper, comparison between high step-up DC-DC converter and quadrupler with MATLAB simulation results.

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