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Co-Working of Solar Panel – Battery – Super capacitor for Electric Vehicle

Author : Vrinda Tibude 1 Vrinda Tibude 2

Date of Publication :7th March 2016

Abstract: This paper presents a highly reliable, extended range power supply for an Electric Vehicle (EV). The power supply consists of solar PV source, a battery and Ultra capacitor (UC). Battery is the main source of power, and is supported by the Ultra capacitor during the transient phase such as starting and braking. Solar PV cell works during the steady- state operation. The net effect of this arrangement is improve travel range, reduced battery size, enhanced battery life and excellent response during the dynamic condition. Improved dynamic performance results in smooth ride, optimal energy utilization and optimal sizing of energy sources. Most of the stand-alone photovoltaic systems require energy storage devices to supply continuous energy to the load when there is insufficient solar irradiation. Typically, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries are used for this application. However, providing a large burst of current, such as motor startup, degrades battery plates, resulting in devastation of the battery. An alternative way of supplying large bursts of current is to integrate VRLA batteries and super capacitors to form a hybrid storage system, where the battery can supply continuous energy and the ultra capacitor can supply the instant power to the load.

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