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Analysis of Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor by V/f Method Using SVPWM Technique

Author : Stuti Yadav 1 2

Date of Publication :7th March 2016

Abstract: This paper deals with “Analysis of speed control of three phase induction motor by V/f Method using SVPWM Techniques”. Induction motor is widely used in industrial plant because we can easily control the speed of the motor by using different techniques. There are so many techniques for the speed control of induction motor like voltage control method, pole changing arrangement, cascade control, V/f method. Rotor resistance control method is used for slip ring induction motor. In V/f Method ac supply is rectified & then applied to a PWM inverter to obtain a variable voltage and variable frequency. By this method we can get different synchronous speed with almost same maximum torque. Thus, the motor is completely utilized & also we have a good range of speed control. BY using SVPWM techniques output voltage obtain will be more than the output voltage obtain by SPWM technique that’s why we are this technique & efficiency of the motor is also improved it means it is more efficient above 90% at full load.THD in the line voltage & line current is also less. This technique is used for speed control of induction motor is used for both constant and fan type load. By using this technique induction motor replace the separately excited dc motor because dc motor takes time to time maintenance for commutator and brush holder. Due to which cost of the drive system is increases. A 4.4kW squirrel cage induction motor is used for analysis purpose. Simulation results are obtained.

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