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Alleviation of Power Quality Tribulation Using Series Active Power Filter

Author : G.Gomathy 1 G.Anupriya 2 R.Srinidhi 3 M.Hareeshma 4

Date of Publication :7th April 2016

Abstract: This paper presents a control strategy Synchronous Reference Frame Theory (SRF) for three phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) using MATLAB/SIMULINK. DVR is a three phase converter coupled with a DC Capacitor, which acts as Series Active Power Filter (SAPF). Since, power quality focuses on distribution side, the quality of power interns of voltage should not distorted by different faults. Hence, DVR plays an important role with the control strategy to make DVR active during fault conditions. Simulation results are carried out for LLL-G (Voltage Sag), L-G (Voltage Unbalance), increase in supply voltage (Voltage Swell), and distortion fluctuations in voltage (Voltage flickering) using MATLAB/SIMULINK

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